A business is only as strong as the team that works in it. But leading and managing your team is quite a challenge as every person is different. We have put together some tips to help you bring your team together.

Here are 12 Tips to help you lead your team to great success:

  1. ​Firstly, Set Clear and Realistic Goals to Lead and Manage the Team 
    A goal-focused team with high-performance individuals can get there really fast.
  2. Secondly, Management must manage
    Everybody needs management – some more than others. Management is the organization, coordination and control of the activities of a business to achieve defined objectives.
  3. Hold Your People Accountable
    Someone who is accountable is completely responsible for what they do. Therefore, team members are accountable to the team and the team leader. Great people thrive on feedback.
  4. Manage your People to increase performance, or manage them out
    Use performance contracts and performance evaluations to create a high-performance business culture, where poor performance is not tolerated. Lay down the rules at the start.
  5. Be firm, but always fair
    Be clear on the rules of the game and hold everybody to it, even if you are the team leader.
  6. Address issues as they arise – don’t leave them to fester
    Procrastination leads to inaction and also ensure that you reprimand your staff in private.
  7. Stick to the agreed meeting schedule and keep ActionLOGS.
    Meetings are the pulse of the business and must be held regularly as planned. Make the person responsible, accountable.
  8. Set the example in everything you do and practice total congruency
    Be disciplined and consistent. Just do it!
  9. Be Approachable – doesn’t mean 100% availability
    Develop a default diary and stick to it. Stay available at the agreed times.
  10. Be authentic in everything you do
    Be in your flow and be yourself, not a copy, be genuine. Define your why in your company vision and mission statement.
  11. Be genuinely interested in your team members
    Listen twice as much as you speak. People work for people. Never forget that.
  12. Lastly, Support your team members in all their endeavours business or home
    Care genuinely and your staff will work for you, not only for the salary.
Connect with me today to set up your leadership strategy consultation and let’s create a winning and engaing culture for your business.
Yours in great business,

Coach Bert


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