These proven 3 methods for attracting more leads work for most business types, though you might need to tweak these lead generation strategies a little if your business is more unique than most.

Of course, the more budget you have, the higher the return on investment will be for any lead strategy.  The following 3 strategies we suggest below don’t really need a high budget to succeed.

Generate Leads Through Referrals

Word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing referrals you can possibly receive, as people believe what their friends believe, and are more likely to buy from you if their friends have recommended you.

However, providing great service and passively waiting for your customers to talk about you with their friends isn’t exactly a strategy. It’s just a hope that someone else is going to make sales for you, don’t you think?

Why not take matters into your own hands, and ask your customers actively for referrals on a constant basis.

You can use social media for this – ask a customer to write a review on your Facebook page if they are happy with the product and/or service, and all their friends on their page will see it. This is great for local brand awareness too.

Email is also a viable way to ask for referrals.

Once a transaction is completed, email the customer and ask them for a referral. Perhaps offer them a discount on the next product or service for any referral that results in a sale.

You’ve already done the work to attract these customers – get more out of your marketing efforts by asking them to refer you to anyone they think would like to do business with you.

Generate Leads Through Partnerships or Strategic Alliances

Companies that sell similar products to similar audiences often take an antagonistic view – they’re trying to beat each other and win sales from the same people.

There’s some truth in that, but the people that purchase your products and services also buy a lot of other things that you don’t sell.

Rather than the winner-take-all mentality that leads companies to be secretive and selfish, why not partner with some of those companies that are selling different things to the same people?

By working together with other businesses, you both have the opportunity to double your leads and make more money.

Generate Leads Through Social media by offering a PDF download

Social Media is an amazing place, isn’t it! Are you using it to its full potential?

While it’s highly recommended that you share and give information on your social media platforms. Offer a free PDF download in return for their email addresses.

This will help you to nurture these individuals further from your email database.

So perhaps next time, instead of providing the information freely, ask them for their email addresses and the PDF will be sent to them.

Remember: the less information you ask for, the higher your conversion rate will be.

A few Quick Tips with regards to Lead Generation

  • No business truly markets to “everyone.” Not all leads are equally valuable.
  • Focus your lead generation efforts where you are most likely to find qualified prospects.
  • When you share the right marketing with the right people at the right time, that’s a recipe for business success.

Want to find out more about lead generation strategies? We cover 11 lead generation strategies that cost you nothing in our Marketing Bootcamp for business owners.

Connect with me today to discuss your marketing requirements or plans for your business.

Onwards and upwards,

Coach Bert

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