Your leadership style will determine how you manage your team.

Yes, we all want our teams to always be inspired, motivated and to walk the extra mile. Wouldn’t that just be the best business to own and easiest to manage?

However, life happens and the challenge for us as business owners is to ensure that all action is focused on doing the important and urgent things. That will deliver the end goal for us and also for the business.

Business owners often have challenges with their team and through bad employment habits we end up with a team that is not delivering what they are employed for.

As Peter Boolkah, a fellow business coach stated in a recent workshop, “We employ people and pay them a handsome salary as business owners, just to keep on doing the work”.

We must ensure our team reaches their full potential and in doing so. We want to catch them doing something right more often than doing something wrong!

From my experience in working with business owners and in business over the last 35 years I believe the following 3 things will go a long way in helping you and your team get there:

Firstly, review your employment practices

Ensure that you get the right people on your bus! Better selection and getting people onboard that believe what you believe is going to go a long way in building teamwork.

Employ for passion and train for skill, however this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look at skill at all.

Start with putting together a proper job description that will form the basis of the positional contract. When you clarify the purpose of the position, define the position’s scope, the duties and responsibilities, skills and other expectations.

Ask yourself this question about every member of your staff …. If given the opportunity would you re-hire them?

You must like the people you’ve employed, it promotes openness of communication and team spirit. We avoid talking to people we don’t like and that isn’t good for any business.

Secondly, be clear about your vision for the company and communicate that often.

Yes, the vision of the company is there to enroll and inspire the staff and it defines the “why we exist” as a business.

Once you as the owner have clarified your thoughts, perhaps through the help of a business coach, you need to communicate this clearly to your staff. Staff should be inspired by your vision and want to deliver inspirational results because of it.

One of the best ways of doing this is through holding team alignment sessions. Where we bring together the whole team to create buy-in and clarity on why we exist as a business!

It’s about “building” and an “action plan” to ensure that we move forward. So, that we resolve those niggling issues and get them out on the table.

In facilitating such a session with one of my customers in the manufacturing industry. The group identified 61 things that they believed needed to be actioned to take the business forward.

Quite often it’s not about what you should start doing but also about what we must stop doing. It’s about stopping the bad habits, and doing more of the things that delivers results.

Also, when the entire team is part of the process, resistance to change is minimal.

Then lastly, have that grown-up discussion or that crucial conversation

Every member of your staff and specifically those that are blaming others. Have excuses or are in denial of their own shortcomings.

People with a victim mind set are not doing you any good and they will not help you grow your business.

As Ken Blanchard states in The One Minute Manager, “People who feel great about themselves produce awesome results” and it’s those people that will take your business forward.

As the business owner, you must ensure that you have the right team.

You must be the manager and make difficult decisions so that your business grows to enable you to progress up the entrepreneurial ladder, from manager to owner, to investor, to entrepreneur.

If you would like more information on the entrepreneurial ladder and how it works, connect with me and we can chat about your team and how you as a leader can motivate them to produce inspirational results in your business!

Yours in great business,

Coach Bert

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