Is the day-to-day running of your successful business causing unnecessary strain on your relationships with the people you care about most?

Are red flags appearing before your eyes when you read things like:

  • I don’t have enough time in the day … my business consumes me.
  • I feel that my husband / wife’s business is more important than me, what do I do?
  • If it is to be it is up to me!
  • I resent it that my partner doesn’t involve me in the business decision making process. These decisions could severely impact our lifestyle ….

Running a business can be daunting at times.

Mental, physical, and emotional stress or fatigue is known to bring out the worst in one’s character and often leads to a communication breakdown – in the workplace and at home.

But there is help …

Conducting an audit on your personal lifestyle can help you identify how to better manage your business and your personal relationships.

Consider the following:

  1. Analyze your goals and commitments.

Often, business owners are married to their business as well as their partners.  It takes commitment, communication and team work to make a relationship work.

You must communicate openly with your business partner, involve them in the decision-making process and ensuring that your business goals are aligned?

  1. Identify the source and address the fear that causes your stress:

Not all fears or stress are the same! Some fears can inhibit successful business owners from acting whilst others can be the driving force for change and growth!

Sources of fear or stress can be:

  • Financial and cashflow concerns about the business
  • Being the leader and taking bold action to manage the business
  • Fear about the future longevity of the business
  • Threats to the self-esteem of the business owner

An article published in the Harvard Business Review defined the fear of failure as “a temporary cognitive and emotional reaction to a threat to potential achievement. Fear of failure is a state rather than a trait” Remember that!

  1. Begin by managing your time wisely and work smarter, not harder.

Yes, life and unforeseen circumstances do happen – the key is to bounce back with a plan. Allocate your business and personal hours and stick to those hours! Easier said than done, right!

Not enough hours in the day?  Yes, there are.

Review your current business systems then test, measure, and adjust them accordingly.  You will soon see how much free time you will have once your systems start working for you.

  1. Invest in a support system for your successful business

I am privileged to have worked with many family-owned businesses throughout my career as a business coach. I help successful businesses owners grow their teams so they can work on their own personal development.

One of the most important benefits of business coaching is that it frees up your time! Time for your family, time for a holiday, time to develop meaningful relationships and time for self-development. The focus is on what is urgent and what is important, or both.

By investing in business coaching, entrepreneurs and business owners alike have realized how the proven framework and strategies have benefited their lifestyles. I have helped many clients and shown them how to

  • Overcome their fears about business
  • Implement the critical systems and controls
  • Lead and manage their people
  • Develop a business plan to grow their businesses

Do you need more time to manage your life and still focus on your successful business priorities?

Connect with me today to book a complimentary discovery call and consultation session. 

You won’t regret it!

Yours in great business,

Coach Bert

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