If time is your most valuable asset… and you can’t get more; how do you use what you have better?

You see we all have 24 hours a day so why do some just get “everything” done and why do others struggle forever? Managing your priorities is not always easy but it is an essential part of getting the right things done. Along with, taking action towards achieving our goals, every day. Business owners, we have to prioritize between doing the important stuff and or doing the urgent stuff in our workday. On top of that, we also have to make time to work ON our business so that we can increase the consistency of the business’s delivery systems and leverage our own time.

Firstly, at ActionCOACH Kempton Park we believe that developing habits of success is one way of ensuring that we keep on doing the sales work and secondly that we continue to deliver a service or product that meets the customers’ expectations.

Time mastery helps us as business owners and entrepreneurs to “convert our knowledge, genius, and efforts through the investment of our time, into money”.

As a business coach, I believe that:

  • Business owners must get to higher productivity. To enable this monetization of their time and they must take specific focused action. That will build the team and their own productivity.
  • Business owners must also understand the urgency and timeliness in their business … and then focus on the timeliness of high-priority tasks to drive higher productivity. High levels of activity are the outcome here.
  • Our coaching approach is focused on addressing 3 areas of time mastery namely:
    • Self-Mastery: Here it’s all about self-management and doing what needs to be done. Putting out small fires and dealing with who shouts the loudest is not the way to manage your priorities.
    • Planning Mastery: Plan your work and work your plan; probably the most important habit here is to take 15 minutes at the end of the day to plant tomorrow’s work. Develop an action list. Where activities are prioritized and time is allocated daily to deal with high priorities when you are still fresh.
    • Lastly, Mastery of Delegation: Delegate low fun and low skill tasks. Ensure that a business owner you are working on the high revenue. High skill tasks including the marketing and sales activities that will convert leads into buying customers. Remember delegation is not abdication, think of a plane in auto-pilot mode here.

In conclusion, I truly believe that there is no such thing as Time Management, it’s all about Self-Management …and doing what needs to be done. Rather than just putting out small fires and dealing with what is right in front of you …

It takes outside discipline first and eventually you will develop internal discipline. Self-Development work is a must.

Have an awesome and highly productive day!

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