Are you excited about the New Year?

Does it stir up sensations of new energy in your life or momentum in your business and the potential cash flow that can be generated?

Yes, it is natural to dream about things we want to do differently in our life and our business.

We dream about our dream business!

However, this year the mountain we need to climb will be bigger. Unlike the hills we have climbed in previous years.

With the disruptive influence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to adapt, to reset and to move ahead. This task feels bigger and more intense than ever before.

I am sure, like me, you are also uncertain about the future.

Do you struggle to answer these questions?

  • How many more waves of this pandemic can we handle?
  • How will it affect our clients, our staff and our families?
  • The people who are now contracting the virus are in my inner circle:
    • How does that affect me?
    • My business?
    • My cash flow
  • Have I got contingency plans in place and are they documented?

Like many other business owners, you are also in the midst of managing complex business challenges brought on by the pandemic. Increasing market growth, gaining new customers and the broader challenge to flatten the onslaught of COVID-19 infection waves.

The start of 2021 it feels a lot different to any other new year. This reality is going to be with us for a little longer and with social distancing, the lack of herd immunity or whatever reason. It is here to stay.

The new year is typically a time when we look back to look forward.

In his book Greenlights, Matthew McConaughey says, “go back to see where you came from, where you’ve been, and how you got HERE.” It’s time to reflect and use your experience gained during the first pandemic wave to rebuild your business and your life.

According to McConaughey, it’s about catching the green lights that mean “go – advance, carry on, continue.” He continues to say that, “in our lives they are affirmations of our way, …. approvals, support, … they are fresh starts.”

The question is how can we best engineer and design our life and business in 2021? In order to catch more green lights and how can we create more of them in our future?

It’s about catching more yeses in a world that likes to hand out no’s.

According to McConaughey, we want green lights “By designs and on purpose … Good luck.”

Working with business owners in the SME environment. I have found a lack of looking at and developing strategic thinking or alternatives.

Business owners don’t afford themselves the time to see how they can be more effective in generating the financial results they need for growth.

If you customer is overseas and they have their own local battle with COVID cases, how can you best structure your business going forward to get the results you need?

As a business owner in search of greenlights and cash flow, you should ask:

  • When last have you taken the time to focus and think about on your business’s growth?
  • What are your gross profit targets and margins you need to keep the doors open?
  • How can everybody in the business be focused on cash flow?
  • Do you know the power of 1 and the 7 key financial levers you need to manage as a team?

Remember as Verne Harnish states in Scaling Up, “Nothing ages a businesses’ leadership faster than being short of cash!”

If you are serious about growing your business and need to talk to a trusted advisor, why don’t you do what my clients do and connect with me today? Let’s talk about your challenges before it’s too late!

Coach Bert

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