When you started your business you probably had an issue with following someone else’s rules … yet there are some rules that are fundamental to business success and build a winning team. At ActionCOACH’s we believe that “developing winning teams” is the process of recruiting, teaching and motivating carefully selected passionate people to enable your business to work WITHOUT you!

We know that three of the key elements you must consider in developing a GREAT team are Common Goals, Rules of the Game and Action Plans.

Today we will spend some time on the first element namely, Common Goals.

A ‘Common Goal’ is not just any goal. Having defined and written down your business’ vision and goals is awesome. But … you see you need to create staff buy-in for your goals and having GOALS and having COMMON GOALS are two distinctly different things!

Here are some questions that can help you clarify this:

  • Does everyone in your business know what the goals of the business are?
  • Do they have the goals top-of-mind when performing their role or making business decisions?
  • Are these goals inspirational and motivating to everybody?
  • Why are they important? I don’t just mean financially, will they make the world a better place?

Remember sharing your business goals is critical for keeping your team motivated, developing a winning team with a supportive culture within the business and definitely for business success!

Common goals are created through involvement of all team members in the development phase. Once developed share these goals with EVERYONE.

Great ways that successful clients have shared these goals are by:

  • Printing and putting them up in a staff area;
  • Making them accessible on the company intranet or network;
  • Make them the theme of training days and conferences;
  • Make them part of your team development and KPI’s.
  • Industrial theatre is also a great way to bring the message across

Team development happens when the team is working towards the same common goals. It happens naturally and business success is much more likely.

We will look at the Rules of the Game and the ActionPLAN next time.

Real Teams, Real Value

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