Did Buggles really know the impact technology would have on the world when they penned the lyrics to Video Killed the Radio Star way back in 1978?  We all know that Marketing is always evolving in innovative ways such as content marketing. What works well for you or in your business, might not work as well for your competitors offering.

Do not put all your eggs in one basket!

Effective marketing is a combination of two or more strategies working in harmony. In order to generate more quality target market leads for your business.

Through testing and measuring different combinations. You can determine which adds more value to your business and achieves the results you want.

Not sure where or how to begin?

Take a step back. Think about and focus on the needs of your ideal customer. How you can add value to their lives by solving their problem/s.

What is the easiest way to reach your customer?

There are many strategies to choose from. Given that content marketing is trending…  let’s examine this fun strategy!

Did you know? Watching a video will entice 85% of viewers to engage with your business. With the intent of making a purchase or to inquire about your offering?

Visual communication attracts more attention. Therefor, can affect a person’s attitude towards your product or service offering.

Notably, posts with a combination of both content and visual imagery produce 180% more engagement than singular posts.

The above data provided by HubSpot. Which reiterates how important video marketing is and the effectiveness increased when used in conjunction with other strategies.

 Make more sense by saving cents – now that’s great business sense!

Think about it.

Content marketing pros far outweigh the cons. It is relatively cheap and easy to produce. You only need to plan the content or the script. Have the correct equipment on hand and data to upload your videos onto various platforms.

You control the visibility of the video throughout the duration of your campaign and can reuse the material in the future if need be.

Compared to creating a radio ad which is dependent on various factors such as; production costs, radio advertising rates, ad timing and material lifespan and radio listener-ship. It makes more sense and you have more control and access to your content.

Are you resistant to the Marketing Revolution?

Embrace this change. Resistance is futile and it creates a much larger risk… the risk of business failure.

Need help getting your creative ducks in a row? Empower yourself with the marketing know-how.

We have just the thing for you … our next MarketingRICH bootcamp!

It covers everything you need to know in order to start implementing results based marketing in your business. After all, you need to generate those leads and grow your profits.

Here’s what participants are saying about the value they received from the bootcamp:

“The highlight for me is that there is a ton of useful information to use and a lot to learn.” Marezanne Willemse , Varing Kwekery / Bark Unlimited Organics

 ‘We are given sound advice and there is a sense of community.” Tony Sham, Interactive Direct

Are you innovative in your marketing approach?

Connect with me today for more bootcamp information or to discover how business coaching can add value and grow your business: actioncoach@bertweenink.com

Yours in great business,

Coach Bert


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