“Business coaching is a must for all SMEs and the value of learning how to run a business efficiently should never be underestimated. At Varing Kwekery/Bark Unlimited Organics we have teamed up with Bert Weenink Action Coach one of the top coaches in South Africa and fast scaling global top coach rankings. We only wanted the best for our business and therefore am glad to associate ourselves with the best business coach and coaching firm. The phenomenal results we achieved over the last four years bares testimony that Bert and business coaching was and remains the best investment we ever made in our business.”
Jan & Christie Lubbinge - Varing Kwekery
"Bert Weenink was recommended to our company by Super Tyres SA, to help with internal relationship development and making our business more profitable. Initially I thought this was a trick from our Supplier / Customer to avoid price increases - ahahahaha. The reality: the Action coach programme made such a difference within Super Tyre SA that they wanted to share their experience. The result was and is still unbelievable, mainly due to Bert's extensive leadership qualities and Business management skills he was able to get our team to focus on generating new sales, cut cost and reduce our breakeven point. As management we're now working towards our objectives based on our values, learned to avoid emotional confrontation while taking ownership to deliver on our objectives in time and within budget, I am sure any person reading this review will understand what this change in behaviour does to any business, (and your slightly of the mark), it's better than you expect! It is with confidence and admiration, that I share this review about a genuine leader coach who understands people and business."
Chris Buitendach - Chrisanti

"Great company to work with. If you have a problem setting or achieving the goals you need in business, these are the guys you need to talk to! Thanks Bert for all the help."
Paul Dahl – MaPa Cleaning Technologies