Why Business Coaching doesn’t work!


Have you ever considered employing the services of a business coach and then decided against it? Why, what were your reasons for not coaching …? 

With numerous publications available online that claim that business coaching doesn't work, it would be easy to disregard the idea and continue your search to find other ways of taking your business to the next level.

Reid Hoffman describes an entrepreneur as "Someone that jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down." That is definitely not the easiest way down off a cliff, however as entrepreneurs it is the route we choose to take as we build our businesses.

I have compiled a list of 9 things a business owner should consider when deciding to employ a business coach and this should go a long way towards ensuring a successful outcome of your coaching journey. 

From my experience, and that of many other coaches I know that not all business owners, that start business coaching, get the success they wanted.

It's more difficult than what I initially thought:

Changing what you do in business is not always easy and sometimes it is all about digging deep to change some of our bad habits. This could be procrastination, indecision or risk avoidance at all cost?
Our formula for success states that for me to have what I want, my dream or my BHAG, I need to change what I am doing and more importantly, I have to become a better manager, business owner and human being.
In short it is Be x Do = Have

We also know that it's not the coach that must practise and do the training, After all it's the business owner that must put in an extra 4 to 5 hours a week to develop new habits, implement systems and reach new levels of business fitness, so that the business can perform and break through the glass ceiling. 

The chosen business coach lacks coaching experience.

You see that although a business coach may have a lot of business experience the hardest part of coaching is understanding how to work with an individual business owner. Understanding what his fears and personal strengths are and to help him overcome these issues.
Does your coach help you get a better understanding of you? Here tools such as DiSC and Motivators assessments can provide great insights into how you interact with your people.
Great business coaches are good at getting results for others, it's just what we do. In the selection of a coach you must ensure that they have a track record of helping other business owners grow! A great business coach holds you accountable!

Your expectations are unrealistic

Haven't we all seen that? Coaching is not a short-term change process or change management project. When business owners realise that the change is harder than what they initially thought, and that the time estimated to reach the targets is underestimated, the business owner can be tempted to give up on the goal.

Unrealistic expectations in the beginning around the time it's going to take or the results that is expected are sometimes based on the massive results and achievements of other business owners, who's efforts to get there was grossly underestimated.

As business owner you must set realistic expectations when it comes to working with someone helping you grow your business. Making changes stick in your business might not be s easy as you thought initially.

You get the 'What' but there's no 'How"

It's probably quite easy for you to identifying the WHAT's or interferences that detract from your business performing at 100% potential. What is not always easy is to identify is HOW to fix these interferences.Not only should a business coach help you identify and prioritise what needs to be done, he also needs to give you the checklists, templates, scripts, spreadsheets, etc. to enable you to get to the goal much quicker. Having a proven coaching system is a quick way of getting to results. Having a business coach must give you a shortcut to get there faster. That's one of the main reasons that you have a business coach, isn't it?

The coach your working with is a lone ranger

Is the coach you have chosen to work with, linked to a bigger organisation, a master mand group or peers that they work with?

Nobody can profess to being an "I know it all" or a guru or expert. If your chosen business coach has no support network behind him, then things will fail for you as they can't give you the best advice and mentoring.

Its about having someone who can tap into resources and at the same time help drive you forward based on the combined experiences of the group. You want to ensure they have a great professional network.

In my next blog I will explore the other 4 reasons which include aspect of the coaching community, doing the work, personal growth plan and availability of time and money.

Do you know what it is like working with a business coach?

Have a great week!
Coach Bert

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Wednesday, 01 April 2020