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On several occasions, lately I was asked the question "Do you believe that Business Coaching Works?" I surely do but even more importantly why do I believe this? Let me give you the 4 great reasons why I believe it works … and yes, they are as I believe it to be with my clients.

1: Business Coaching Helps You Make More Money

Working with a business coach will make me more money?!? Yes! Working with a certified coach will ensure that your business performs better and that you as the business owner will benefit from it. When I start working with a new coaching client it is important to get an understanding and alignment, on what the end goal is. What does the business owner truly want to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years / Is it to get the business ready to sell or is it to create a level of income to support a desired lifestyle.

A reputable coach will help you work through the clutter and establish real financial goals that once achieved will ensure that there is real money in the business. When sales grow and we maintain our gross margin targets, the business is a fun place to work in!

2: Business Coaching Brings Focus

In a world where we run from one crises to the next and where most business owners are working IN their businesses most of the time, the business coaching process is a great way of ensuring that we distil the priorities and prioritise the actions that must be taken to ensure that the company moves ahead.

Distilling the urgent and important and then the most important strategies to 3 to 5 priorities and understanding which is the ONE that really matters, creates a level of focus that business owners normally don't have. As Gary Keller puts it in The One Thing What's the ONE THING I can do and by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?" Business coaching helps you to truly understand this and ensure you take massive action.

3. Business Coaching Creates Accountability

So, who is the business owner truly accountable to? Yes, who challenges you when things are not going as planned and when you have not played in our terms above the line, where you take responsibility and accountability for the business results?

This is once again a reason why business coaching works. There is someone who on a regular, perhaps even on a weekly basis, holds up the mirror and holds you accountable. This will help you to reflect on the results achieved and action taken and why there is a variance. When there is accountability and we focus on the results we want to achieve in our lives and thus in business, we will see massive results! There will be 52 steps in a year that are taken one week at a time …. need I say more?

4. Business Coaching Clarifies Your Why

Getting clarity on your passion and why you are doing all the hard work helps you as the business owner develop a deeper level of understanding on what your WHY is? Living your dream makes what you do daily, really FUN and every day at work can truly be living your calling. It's important to understand that your personal goals with regards to wealth, property, family, health, faith and other areas of life are interlinked and unless there is a strong enough why, you will not achieve these goals.

In his book, Simon Sinek - Start With Why states that "people don't buy what you do they buy why you do it". That's another benefit, as truly understanding your why will give you a real passion for what you do and it will make selling your products and services that much easier. It will truly show your passion and will help you connect with potential customers on a much deeper level.

Business coaching works and if you want to know how it can benefit you and your business, contact me for a complimentary business assessment session. Taking action and connecting with me could just make 2017 your best year ever!

Towards Formidable Results!

Coach Bert 


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Sunday, 23 February 2020