Well that’s easy……

Get them to attend an Unplugged session with Peter Boolkah, where they get to ask ALL those uncomfortable questions, that they need the answers to, but are afraid of asking!

Peter Boolkah – also referred to as “The Transition Guy”, is from Chelmsford in the United Kingdom and agreed to come spend a day with some of our current and future clients, and help them answer some of their questions, and get new insights to the obstacles they face every day in their businesses.

Peter has seen it all, from de-motivated business owners, to family conflicts within the business, problems with hiring the wrong people, what you should be doing to keep everyone heading upstream, when to be growing and spending money, and when to STOP! He also discussed the different levels of a manager in a business, which depending on how many employees you have to manage, requires new skills and personal growth.

As business owners, it is vital that you stop, and take a step back to reflect on business – how can you expect your business to grow if you, as the leader, are standing still?

Massive value was given to our clients, and everyone left rather tired but invigorated with new ideas and a different way of thinking. The Business Owners couldn’t wait to get back to work, to teach their teams about the ActionCoach’s above the line and below the line philosophy.

How often as Business Owners do we forget to just have fun, how often do we lose that passion that we originally started with – it is clear from the photo, after our day of unplugged Q&A with Peter and myself, they found their passion!

Are you still having fun?!

Our quarterly GrowthCLUB that we have every 3 months is meant to also invigorate your passion in your business. At GrowthCLUB we get you to sit down, look at your business and do some planning for the next 90 days. So, if you think this is something that might tickle your fancy, please feel free to email us at bertweenink@actioncoach.com or Register for GrowthCLUB online, and we will gladly send you more information on it.

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