As an ActionCOACH Business Coach I often use the formula for life and business success. The Identity Iceberg  explains the link between the business owner, your mindset and business success.

Let me explain:

The formula for life success is   BE x DO = HAVE

Yes, it means that what I have today is because of the human being I am and the actions that I take.

We know that nothing changes unless you do something.

Basically, this formula shows us that what you have achieved in life has a lot to do with your current mindset and the resultant actions you take.

What we become in life is dependent on our pursuit of bettering who we are –  whether it be for personal or professional development, our current identity and our beliefs and value system.

Is who you are today holding you back or the way of you breaking through your glass ceiling?

What are the decisions you need to make, the steps you need take or the activities you need to DO to achieve your dreams or success?

It can be anything from proper planning (and acting on that plan), to up skilling yourself on sales and marketing to ensure business success.

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The Identity Iceberg

Let’s delve a little deeper into your mindset with the help of the Identity Iceberg model.

  • Firstly, Our Behaviour

Below the surface are the 4 personal characteristics that drive our behaviour, actions and decisions.

Jim Rohn said “ we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.”

Our identity is formed by the environment we grew up in and in turn it creates our values – what we were taught growing up.

  • Our Actions and Decisions

Every action we take or decision we make is a result of our beliefs, values and identity.

We may believe that it is acceptable to act in a certain manner and we might have the skills to do it. But we won’t do it if it clashes with our values and identity.

  • Results

It is important to reflect on the results one wants to achieve and to identify what the interferences are that detract us from reaching our goals.

It’s about understanding the root cause and once you have discovered the real reason for not achieving your business goals you can work towards remedying your situation to achieve those results you really want.

Now let’s combine the BE x DO = HAVE formula and the Identity Iceberg for personal and business success

From the above diagram we can see how everything starts falling into place regarding our lives because:

  • BE = Identity + Values + Beliefs + Skills
  • DO = Actions x Behaviour x Decisions
  • HAVE = Results

We now know that what is true in our lives will reflect on our business results or success.

Is your current behaviour, decisions or actions impacting the business negatively and frustrating you to end?

Often business owners and entrepreneurs do not realize that they are stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage.

This affects business performance because of the fear of failure. Limited belief in oneself and a lack of skills that will hinder a business owners potential in the following areas:

As your business coach, I will work with you to ensure you have clarity of focus.

I will guide you as the business owner in making better decisions. I will act as a sound board to help you take better actions.

As your trusted advisor, I can help you take your business to the next level. To generate the profit your dreamed of and build a legacy for future generations.

Connect with me today to schedule your complimentary business strategy consultation session.

We can start to unpack the gap between your current business results and the results your dreamed of.

Yours in great business,

Coach Bert

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