Growing the profit in your business should be easy, isn’t it?

At ActionCOACH Kempton Park we believe that given that your business has a real USP (Unique Selling Proposition), building a business that delivers formidable results should be easy!

You see we believe that it’s all about understanding how business works.

Our unique 5 Ways Model to create leveraged growth is the key to unlocking real consistent growth in your business! Firstly we understand that there are three things most business owners want:

  1. Firstly, get more Customers
  2. Increase turnover and
  3. More Profit

By using our 5 ways model, getting the desired increase in profits consistently is easier than you may think.

Yet, I have seen many business owners struggle with applying the 5 Ways consistently in their business.

It’s only through ensuring that consistent action is taken on lead measures that the team will generate consistent bottom-line results.

Our 5 Ways leveraged business model focuses on the following key aspects of business growth:

  1. Number of Leads. We need to generate a consistent volume of targeted leads for the business. So often I see that the pipeline of leads only gets attention when the works dries up and income declines?

  2. Conversion rate. How good is our sales process and do we really know what works best for our target market clients? Is the 7 touches principal entrenched in our sales process to develop maximum trust with our prospects?

  3. Average Rand sale value. Are we focused on growing the products or services which give us the best gross profit and are we selling upselling?

  4. Number of transactions.  It often happens that our customers only buy a selected range of items form us. How do we get 100% of their share of wallet?

  5. Margin. Are we in control of the costs in the business? Do you have set rules for payment of overtime, accurate clocking and control of casual labour?

Remember management must manage!

The great thing about the 5 ways model is that it is leveraged!

So a small increase in each number leads to a massive increase in the bottom line profits of the business.

If you want more Profit in your business, make your appointment today for a complimentary business assessment or health check with us, today!

Onwards and upwards,!

Yours in great business,

Coach Bert

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