So, what exactly is business coaching and why should business owners like you even consider it?

Great business coaching processes are designed to take your business from where it is presently, with ALL its challenges, to where you want it to be. Thus, taking the business to the next level and making it a Commercial Profitable Enterprise that works without YOU!

Yes, a good business coach will guide the business owner in helping them clarify their vision for their business and ensure alignment within their personal goals. The business–alignment, where the business is unpacked and the problems identified, is a very important step. This is where the business goals and vision are synced with the business owners’ personal goals.

For example: a sports coach will make you run more laps and help you become a greater version of yourself, even when you don’t feel like it. A sports coach will tell it like it is and the athlete will listen.

Fortunately, a Business Coach does many of the same things – but in a way that is focused on creating a successful business.

What if the “WHY “as a business owner isn’t strong enough?

You will not have the passion to pursue your goals! When you understand why reaching your business growth goals is important to you personally, you will have a clear vision on the impact it will have on your life.

It’s the business owner – who through setting priorities – determines the speed at which the goal is met. If there is no direct link to the business owner’s personal dreams, goals and plans for themselves, there is no burning reason why getting to that business goal is critical.

The alignment process clarifies where a business owner would like to take their business.

Business Coaching will assist in strategizing, prioritizing the key goals, and help drive massive action on the strategies that are identified by the business owner. A  business coach to bring the business owner closer to the goal. A business coach will meet with the business owner either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, to ensure they are on track with the commitments made during the past coaching session and progress on key goals are tracked via a focus sheet.

A critical component of business coaching is accountability.

You will never see an Olympic Swimming Coach swim lengths during practice. The coach will not jump in and do the swimming for the swimmer. They expect the swimmer to show up on time, train and be committed to achieving their goal of improving.

If this does not happen, then necessary corrective action is taken to ensure the swimmer improves. If not, the coach and swimmer part ways.

The role of a Business Coach is to coach business owners through guidance, support, accountability and encouragement.

Business coaching helps business owners and entrepreneurs focus on their sales, marketing, management, team building and so much more. Most importantly, just like a sporting coach, your Business Coach will make you focus on the game.

A business coach is not a consultant.

They are not employed to complete tasks in your business. Experienced business coaches keep you focused on the end game and they remind you why it is important. They will motivate you to keep your commitments, act as a sounding board and will highlight your business and personal blind spots.

Many great business success stories credit their results in part to having a great business coach.

Could you benefit from the business coaching or do you need help in any of the following 5 areas:

We will gladly schedule a complimentary  business strategy consultation to discuss our 6 Steps Business Coaching Process as well as your current challenges to identify the guaranteed benefits of working together.

Yours in great business,

Coach Bert


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