The benefit of coaching interventions with staff in a business is the alignment of their personal goals. Along with the desires with that of the business. Why? Well to enhance their effectiveness, performance and ability to lead.

Executive coaching helps organisations and business owners by providing content, processes and specific knowledge. Therefor helping everyone in the company leverage their strengths and improve overall profitability.

In today’s business environment, executive coaching helps enhance and improve an executive’s own strategic decision-making skills – so that they can lead the organisation and their team to greater success.

Coaching therefore helps improve the organisations performance in 3 specific ways:

  • Firstly, it helps to increase the executives impact and effectiveness as a leader,
  • Secondly, it accelerates the company’s growth and
  • Thirdly, it drives the implementation of programmes that result in exceptional ROI.

Based on our global experience as ActionCOACH and results achieved in Executive Coaching, the feedback from clients indicate that without executive coaching, alignment and refocusing of their hi-performers, many of their future leaders would have left the organisations.

The coaching investment, when compared to a scenario without coaching. The potential senior recruitment fees alone generated a ROI for our clients.

It also secures the internal corporate knowledge held with individuals, who stay with the organisation to grow corporate wisdom.

Our Coaching Methodologies and what to expect with the Coaching Process

So how does our coaching work? There are 4 areas of focus for coachee’s i.e.:

  • ​Engaging the participant in the initial ‘audit’ to determine their current position.
  • Identifying the specific growth inhibitors that exist for the coachee.
  • Doing a GAP ANALYSIS to determine the participants own coaching goals.
  • Works closely with the key stakeholders to determine the business and individual’s growth goals

Once this has been established a customized coaching programme is designed. Which addresses the gap between the current and required situation.

The coach and the coachee then start working through the coaching programme in bi-weekly sessions. In order to overcome the constraints or limitations of the business manager or business executive. With specific focus and reference to their growth goals.

It should also be noted that our business coaching methodologies and tools may address issues such as:

  • ​Overcoming and altering limiting behaviours and perceptions
  • Coaching to achieving strategic clarity
  • Establish and maintain effective prioritisation – urgency vs importance
  • Coaching to improve the effectiveness of communication, drive team engagement, mobilisation and action.

Why Business Coaching works

The simple practical reasons why coaching works is. Firstly it forces the executive to stand back and press the pause button. Therefore reflect on what is happening “now” in his department or business.

He stops fighting fires for 60 minutes in the coaching session and clears his head, gets re-motivated and re-energized.

Secondly, a Coach also acts as a soundboard.

I found this especially true when working with business owners in mid-sized SME companies. As it gives them scheduled time to think about themselves and the business.

A coach speaks the truth as he sees it. We can talk about the elephant in the room and not be crucified for it.

It is well documented that combining coaching with training in an organisation improves productivity by up to 88%.

The benefits of coaching your executive managers thus include:

  • a reduction of costs
  • increased product and service quality
  • strengthened organisation capacity
  • improved customer service and;
  • reduced customer complaints.

Benefits of having a sounding board:

In the review and feedback sessions that I have had with business owners. We often end up discussing people related issues.

It seems as if the biggest benefit of executive coaching to the key stakeholders in SME Businesses. Is connecting or testing their everyday picture of an individual’s performance and potential, with that of an outsider.

Someone who has no vested interest but whose main aim is to be objective. As a result improve the businesses bottom-line results.

Do you want to learn more about coaching and developing managers in your business? Do you want to build a commercially profitable business that works without you?

Contact us for a complimentary 1 hour Coaching session or a no-obligation assessment of your business.

Yours in great business,

Coach Bert

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