Are you committed to your own personal growth to ensure that you will grow your business?

Business owners often state that they “have team challenges…” or ” It’s hard to find good people…” or ” my team just doesn’t work the way I want them to…”

My response is usually “OK then, let’s talk about you!”

But quite often the reply is “But it’s about them”

Well yes, it is about them, and it’s also about you.

As the business owner or manager, it’s your business, your process, your decisions and it’s also about you being the team leader.

A team can only ever be as good as its leader, and surprisingly the leader on the other hand will only be as good as the team. Can you feel and see the interdependence?

Every business requires a team that works together towards a common goal using a standard set of tools and rules. The key about the team is that it’s the “right” team…everyone is a walking talking advertisement for the business.

So, it’s best we start with you, the business owner.

Your ability to teach, work with and motivate your team is the key to the team’s success. So first you need to know as much as you can about you, and what is needed for you to get your team to where you want them… in your business.

Once you know this you will be in a better position to understand them and achieve the results you really desire. Have fun…this is where you really get to know yourself…and your team.

Most business owners, executives and sales professionals will tell you that they are committed to growing their sales, companies, teams, etc.But the real secret to achieving growth in business is to commit to personal growth.

My question to you is what was the last book you read, class you took, seminar you attended or webinar you viewed?

When last did you read?

You see where you’ll be in the future depends on the books you read, the training you do, the people you associate with, and lastly the actions you take. So why don’t you commit to a program of life-long learning and then implementing it.

We all know that if a business is not growing it’s dying, so what about you? Can you comfortably say that you can take your business to the next level?!

You are either growing or dying, so what are you doing to grow?

Can you commit to one or more of the following?

  • Read a book about business, sales, leadership or motivation next month
  • Attend a business growth seminar or workshop – make sure there is value.
  • Watch a video on YouTube or download an audio book, it’s about listening and learning
  • Subscribe to a trade or business magazine
  • A business or executive coach to help you learn something new

As a business and executive coach I have committed to a life-long journey of development and learning and it is very important for me to always be refreshing and consistently build my knowledge base.

My personal commitment is to read 2 business or motivational books each month, spend 2 hours or more listening to CD’s (great use of my time in the car) and attend at least one seminar or workshop every quarter.

What’s your level of commitment to your own growth and development and that of your business?

I would like to hear from you so send me your notes or comments and don’t forget to be an awesome leader!

Yours in great business,

Coach Bert

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