Are you looking for a high-quality and results driven business coach in Gauteng, South Africa? It’s often hard to know which business coach or business coaching program to hire or invest in. This is especially true when you have limited knowledge of what business coaching can do for you and your business.

Most business coaches have limited exposure to their results on social media and their website. As a result, you might need to rely on Google’s local review scores and LinkedIn pages. In order to narrow down your list of potential coaches that you can work with.

Key Questions to Ask Your Business Coach

Firstly, you should always ask specific targeted questions of any prospective business coach. This enables you to verify their track record and coaching system to get the results you want from your coaching program. Use our Key Questions to Ask Your Business Coach checklist to interview your prospects (click here to get and/or print out these critical questions).

Some business coaches work with a structured coaching program. Whilst others prefer to specialise and use a proven coaching program to help you grow your business results. If you’re not yet sure which type of coach you should invest in. We can help you narrow your focus and figure out what type of program would best suit your needs. Click below to make an appointment with one of our business coaches to discuss what would best suit you!

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Once you know enough about what you want. It’s time to start vetting business coaching firms for your specific business education intervention in Gauteng, or anywhere else in South Africa.

This list of ten business coaches serving Gauteng and South Africa includes all top-rated coaching firms. Everyone on this list has a minimum 4-star average Google local reviews. Each coaching organisation is listed with information from their own websites. Along with the types of programmes they offer in their know service areas. Today with virtual technology it is possible to coach virtually and in a much bigger area.

Jonti Mayer – Executive Consulting

Executive Consulting provides corporate and business team coaching as one of their services. Therefore they provide coaching solutions with a distinctive personal touch, to dramatically enhance your leadership, performance, team dynamics and business.

Coaching Programmes: Personal, Business and Executive Coaching

Areas served: Gauteng

SA Business Coaches

SA Business Coaches is a business and executive coaching organisation specialising in business growth and executive development. They deliver coaching programmes for personal and professional improvement.

Coaching Programmes: Executive and Business Owner Coaching

Areas served: Fostering successful entrepreneurship, especially in South Africa’s rural areas.

Just ask Linda

“Do you have a business idea and need a business plan to help you start your business? Let us at Just Ask Linda Business Coaching help you with the complexities of understanding what start-up requirements there are. In order to develop a successful business. From creating simple financial & business plans to getting advice on not only how to start. But also how to grow your business quickly.”

Business Coaching Programmes: Growing and starting your business

Areas served: Gauteng, South Africa

Business Doctors

“Business Doctors focus on developing solutions and analysis capabilities delivered through their network of experienced professionals. As a result, they have built a team of experienced business professionals that come with years of industry and general management consulting experience.”

Business Coaching Programmes: Individual coaching

Areas served: Gauteng and South Africa


“The GROW coaches use their expertise to guide and support business leaders in scaling and growing effectively. Therefore ensuring that the core purpose, values and vision remains intact while building a winning team”.

Business Coaching Programmes: Individual as well as team coaching.

Areas served: Gauteng and South Africa

Bertus de Wet

“We coach business owners so that they can double their income or more. Consequently, businesses get left behind because they don’t get the help they need. We know how to grow your business.”

Business Coaching Programmes: Individual coaching.

Areas served: Gauteng and South Africa

In conclusion, ActionCoach Inspire has served the community in Gauteng since 2013. We are proud to offer coaching services for individual business owners, executives and teams in Gauteng and South Africa. Our coaching services are based on the 6 Steps ActionCOACH business coaching model. They are aimed at empowering you in building a commercial and profitable enterprise that can work without your everyday.

Our coaches are internationally certified to enable you to grow your business. As a result enables you to develop a winning team and make a real profit.

If you’re looking for business coaching services, feel free to take a look at our catalogue of services. Visit our extensive video library at , or book a 1 hour free business exploratory sessions with me at

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